The Eastern Zone Amateur Radio Club Inc has qualified Assessors who also conduct examination events for people wishing to  start at the beginning and obtain their first licence, that being the Foundation Licence.

The Foundation licence assessment contains two parts, the theory & regulations exam and then the practical assessment.
Morse code is no longer a requirement for any applicant to pass to obtain any licence.
It is highly recommended that prospective applicants purchase  and thoroughly read before contacting EZARC the new manual for the Foundation Licence called "Your Entry into Amateur Radio" . This book can be obtained by purchasing a copy from the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA).  Click on the WIA symbol on the bottom of the page. At times, the Club may have copies available for sale.

For further information on costs, availability and location of examination events please send an email to

Further information on the Foundation licence can be found on the ACMA website.  
Clicks the links below to visit the ACMA website for this information or go directly to the ACMA website.

The next planned Training and Assessment event will occur on Saturday 24 May (Foundation & Practical training) and Sunday 25 May 2014 (Assessments). Prior registration via submission of a completed Form 1 is essential. See the "Exam events" page for more details & the form.