VK3BEZ is the licenced club call sign for the Eastern Zone Amateur Radio Club Inc.  Established in May 1938, the club has provided many years of service to the amateur radio community locally and throughout Australia.

The members of the club have a diverse interest in the many different modes within amateur radio and these are,

The Eastern Zone Amateur Radio Club meets on the 1st Thursday of every month (except January) at 1930 hrs at the Youth Room, 39-49 Well St, Morwell. Park in Well St and walk up the path to the east (right) of the Life FM studio. Look for the 'portable classroom" building. For further information on the location of the club rooms or club activities, it can be obtained by calling VK3BEZ on VK3RLV (146.800 MHz) on the 1st Thursday of each month or by sending an email to vk3bez@vk3bez.org

Club members will also gather on a Thursday evening during Daylight Savings Time at around 1930 at the Clubrooms for informal discussions and any project work that members my wish to progress and/or troubleshoot.

VK3BEZ also conducts a weekly hook up with members on VK3RLV (146.800 MHz) every Sunday night commencing at 2000 hrs, following the broadcast of the WIA News at 1930.  This is just a informal get together to have a general QSO and help anyone who has any questions or problems.

For all snail mail enquires write to
Eastern Zone Amateur Radio Club Inc.
PO Box 134
Morwell, Vic, 3840

President Peter VK3PF
Vice President Dean VK3NFI
Secretary Michael VK3ALZ
Treasurer Damien VK3CT
Repeaters Ralph VK3WRE
Activities Dean VK3NFI
Member Brian VK3BBB
Member John VK3ZRX
Member Barry VK3BDG